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Boxing club. Events organiser. Bridging the gap between people, one punch at the time.

Rixe Club brand platform
to help the team punch
above its weight.

Strategy / Webdesign

The challenge

A family affair between a local club and their hip friends, in need of push to scale.

Our strategy

Boxing lessons are nothing new. What is disruptive about the Club is its soul, embedded in a colorful gallery of characters that invite anyone unfamiliar with the practice to join the circle.
From a nice-to-have to the center of the stage, the Rixe Club Universe unfolds its stars one by one, inviting all newcomers to identify with their favourite champion and join the League.

Illustrations by Simon Bournel Bosson

Brand platform

An awarded start-up, navigating its way to the top. To gain leverage in the fashion industry, Everdye needed a positioning to emerge from the pack.

Visual identity

We shifted the focus from the technical obsession with science and engineering to the larger emotional appeal of the solution: clean clothes, clean water, for fashion that feels good. Soft color palette with earth tones ranging from the cold blue greys and greens alluding to wild landscapes to warm rich tones of ochre soils used to create the pigments. Textures and lights revealing the sweaty and dreamy beauty of natural ingredients.

What's next

More cool stuff made by cool people, highlighted by us.

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