Pink House Studio for Krug Champagne

A legacy brand, part of the LVMH group, with magnificent stories to tell.
Crafting champagne one bottle at the time.

Krug's craftsmanship
and timeless appeal
to conquer the hearts
of a new generation

360° digital strategy

The challenge

A prestige champagne in need to ignite a new spark on the digital landscape to offer a custom consumer experience in tune with the brand.

Our strategy

As a member of the Moët-Hennessy champagne and spirits portfolio, we knew we had to give Krug the digital edge it displayed in the field. From the glass to the music chambers, we crafted a digital experience that brings the brand's disruptive and modern approach to life throughout the consumer journey.

Touchpoints ecosystem

We reworked Krug's entire digital ecosystem with a clearer vision of their contribution to the brand experience and business objectives, ensuring a seamless progress towards Krug's promise of an exceptional moment to share.

Visual identity

Defining the Krug light, tone of voice and rhythm: a new way to encounter the brand universe and captivate a generation of future Krug Lovers, while maintaining the core consumer's passion point intact.

What's next

More cool stuff made by cool people, highlighted by us.

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