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Inclusive insurance & benefits powering sustainable platform growth

Indeez brand platform
to gain industry leadership
through inclusive brand design.

Branding / Webdesign

The challenge

Making a sustainability driven insurance company the most attractive in the market to get independent workers and their favourite platforms on board.

Our strategy

Indeez built an early competitive advantage when it launched during Covid with a never-seen-before insurance cover aimed at protecting independent workers during sick days. After the panic, many saw the juicy opportunity Indeez carved out for itself. We crafted a relatable, spicy, made-to-measure brand platform and tone of voice to nurture brand preference among both final customers and B2B intermediates, ensuring Indeez's lasting leadership.

Brand platform

Straight to the point with a pinch of salt. Insurance is convoluted and complicated to consumers, so we crafted a brand with attitude powerful and positive enough to cut through the anxiety-driven landscape and attract independent workers of all industries.

Visual identity

We turned Indeez's distant white-and-green palette into a vivid, jewel-toned combination of lively oranges and deep greens. Snapshots of humans living their best work life. A high impact, not so serious font and bold layout displays the cheekiness of an insurance company that wishes you the best - for real.

What's next

More cool stuff made by cool people, highlighted by us.

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