Pink House Studio for Krug Champagne

The little agency taking over the world of big advertising guns in need of a extra munitions.

Fueling internal culture
of the power of branding
to nurture the power of the agency's creativity
for their clients and their businesses.

Business strategy / Corporate strategy

The challenge

A branding studio toeing big names, conquering the grounds of established advertising moguls. To gain leadership oner its industry, Hulahoop needed a strong internal commitment around their key value proposition.

Our strategy

As pioneers in weaving brand identity with cultural essence, the burgeoning agency needed to maintain a unified vision. In close collaboration with the leadership, a foundational effort was undertaken to articulate, quantify, and narrate the collective sentiment that needed strengthening. The result: a team united by a clear, actionable understanding of the unique flavor of their profession within the agency.

What's next

More cool stuff made by cool people, highlighted by us.

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