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Low heat, low-energy, biobased dyeing pigments and processes. Detoxifying the coloring step of creative industries.

Everdye’s playing field
from the chemical industry
to the fashion sphere
through brand design.

Branding / Webdesign

The challenge

An awarded start-up, navigating its way to the top. To gain leverage in the fashion industry, Everdye needed a positioning to emerge from the pack.

Our strategy

As a technical purveyor of clean dyes, Everdye was facing sharp competition from peers. We let the quality of their product do the fighting on the technical level. With a sensorial approach to sustainability, we crafted a brand image that would create a new battlefield for them to win, by positioning them as a partner for apparel brands that would look as good as them, for a partnership they'd be proud to showcase to their clients.

Brand platform

We moved the needle from the product to the consumer benefit to craft a brand voice centered around the promise of Everdye's revolution: a cleaner way to create.

Visual identity

Balancing the technical focus, science and engineering are used to convey the larger emotional appeal of the solution: clean clothes, clean water, for fashion that feels good. Soft color palette with earth tones ranging from the cold blue greys and greens alluding to wild landscapes to warm rich tones of ochre soils used to create the pigments. Textures and lights revealing the sweaty and dreamy beauty of natural ingredients.

What's next

More cool stuff made by cool people, highlighted by us.

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